store eve is a foreign profit-sharing site that has been operating since 2019 with the Google AdSense revenue sharing system, and with overwhelming success with the participation of more than 150 Adsense publishers on the forum and magazine. The AdSense profit-sharing system is currently working at 90% for the topic owner on the forum and the (main) magazine. It is worth mentioning that the store eve site is the first and most widespread Arab site that works with the profit-sharing system, and this was based on the principle that the first people to profit from the site are writers of The site and its content owners.

What distinguishes store eve from other AdSense earnings sharing sites? 16 reasons to make your profit from store eve the best

1- store eve is a certified site in Google News.
2- The Facebook page, God willing, and there is no power except with God, praise be to God, as well as the Twitter account, thanks to God Almighty, and articles are published on it automatically (you do not need to be an admin).
3- store eve occupies advanced positions in search engines, not only ahead of any other profit-sharing site in search results, but competes strongly with major sites, where we train writers on the quality of writing and providing good content to the visitor.
4- We have been successfully providing the service since 2018.
5- It is easy to catch the most competitive search words, and this can be seen by experience, and that is due to the confidence of the search engines in the site and the staff that works to improve search results SEO for topics, after joining we tell you a number of secrets!
6- store eve is one of the sites approved by your news site, but only the distinguished news is selected and published in your news.
7- Cooperating with major news agencies such as the Middle East News Agency, and cooperating with a number of major companies in the Internet world.
9- Direct support from AdSense about ad locations, sizes, and colors to achieve the best legitimate profits for subscribers.
10- Ranking the site among the most famous site in Egypt. A site in the world in Alexa and its visits guarantee you a good number of visitors other than visitors to search engines and visitors to social networking sites.
11- A strong presence on other social networking sites in addition to Facebook, such as Google Plus, Twitter, and Pinterest.
12- The website is registered with the Electronic Media Syndicate, and its editors can extract “electronic editor” cards from the Syndicate and enjoy its benefits after the approval of the website management and the Syndicate.
13- It is possible to profit from the site without having an Adsense account, through the channel system on the magazine (priority for journalists and editors in newspapers and major sites), where you are given an Adsense channel in an account and take 100% of its profits, but you must have a good experience in writing without mistakes and knowledgeable Full terms of Adsense.

14- One of the first Arab websites to provide profit-sharing services in general.
15- The only Arab forum that offers you this service.
16- Working on the site in the current period has become a certificate of experience to work in general in the future in the electronic content industry.
17- Profit from affiliate links besides Adsense: It is allowed to create a professional article about a product and then put a link to buy this product online and be yours, but it is strictly forbidden to sell articles, that is, placing an advertisement article or an advertising link inside any content other than affiliate links.

The most important notes that you should know before you start sharing profits

1- The user’s Adsense account must be a normal account and not hosted, and in the event that you do not have a regular Adsense account, you can use a channel through the custom channels system.
2- The Google Adsense profit-sharing system works on the (main) magazine.
3- As long as you are logged in, your ads will never appear to you (to avoid illegal clicks) and that is only for you – but to make sure the system is effective and working well, log out and go to one of your topics and then right-click and see the page source, knowing that your ad It appears to the rest of the members normally, whether you are logged in or out.
4- The domain must be placed in the sites that are allowed to display Adsense ads in the event that you allow your ads to be displayed on certain sites only from within your AdSense account settings.
5- You can earn from store eve without having an AdSense account through the dedicated channels system (priority for journalists and editors in newspapers and major websites)!

How to start earning with profit-sharing system

1- Read the terms and conditions of Google Adsense well.
2- Read the terms and conditions of store eve well.
3- Email the site manager: Ayman Al-Shabouri by sending a private message on Messenger (Facebook) containing your email and double name. Important note: The memberships available to non-journalists are contributor memberships, where topics are subject to monitoring. The first 15 topics are monitored, and this is the lowest number found among the sites, making it easier for you to obtain a publisher membership as soon as possible.

Create more than one membership with the same Adsense account and know the profits of each

Yes, it is possible, but only in the magazine. More than one person with the same Adsense account can write on more than one membership, and each person will know his profits precisely and accurately by creating a custom channel and entering its number in his membership, and in the account, each person will show his profits specifically, to create a membership on The magazine, please contact us on Facebook.

Profit with the profit-sharing system, but without an Adsense account!

storeeve and its management always strive to find new solutions for all internet users and help them achieve a financial gain that will help them in their lives, as we will create a channel for you within the private AdSense account Ayman Al-Shabouri and we will link it to your account on the magazine, and thus your profits will be determined in this sub-channel, as the store website allowed eve an opportunity to work and share more than one person with one Adsense account on the (site home) or “store eve magazine”, for follow-up, details, and request for an Adsense channel to start work, you can contact on Facebook via the account:
or grub:

What about the experiences of those who preceded me in the experience of sharing Google Adsense earnings with store eve

Since the launch of the Adsense earnings sharing service on store eve, we look forward to doing such a topic in which we mention the success stories of members and supervisors on the 360 ​​site who achieved good profits and the Egyptian Stars site helped them achieve a good source of income.


Disclaimer: All success stories mentioned below are without any names in order to preserve privacy.

1- First story:
I have been working in the store eve forum for about two years. In fact, I made the first $100 in my life in Adsense from it, and of course, I said that it was a joy beyond joy. I was with life’s concerns, and I will return, but I have a period of focus with him, and even my main job is Adsense in-store eve, thank God I am currently working. At least $300, maybe $400, and I got it only when I was under heavy pressure at work. Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds. I refused to mention my name because I feared for myself from envy, frankly.

2- The second story:
My success story with store eve
At first, I did not understand and did not believe in the issue of profit sharing. I subscribed to the site and did not write topics until two months after my subscription and with my start, and when I found my account, profits were added for me, which is my first job, it was high because it was the first profit in my life from the Internet
I was encouraged to write more, and my average earnings due to high school were $150 every two or three months, and after taking a vacation, I started working more and making more gains until my monthly earnings reached 100 and then 200 until it reached $1,000 in one month from the store eve. This was for me. My dream is that I achieve a large amount in one month by writing some articles on the site
Praise be to God, although I am currently busy with university and study, my profit rate is improving a month with the last thanks, firstly to our Lord and secondly to the store eve site and its owner Abdul-Ilah Qaidi, who sometimes makes 100% profit sharing for the writer despite the 90% that the sharing system works with The site is the highest in Arab forums and sites

Site Manager: Ayman Shabouri

God grants success.